Republicans can help stop Hillary Clinton from trying to control American politics

Clinton controlling

Hillary Clinton continues to try to control American politics. Last week she called US Major Tulsi Gabbard a Russian asset and questioned her patriotism.

Don’t let Hillary Clinton call into question the patriotism of a veteran who served 2 tours of duty in the Middle East!

How to stop Hillary

NH voters follow these four steps to end Hillary Clinton’s grip on US politics and back our brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces:

  1. By Friday, October 25, change your voter registration to Undeclared at your town clerk’s office
  2. On Primary day, February 11 2020, ask for a Democratic ballot. Vote for Tulsi Gabbard
  3. On your way out of the polls, sign the list to restore your Undeclared status
  4. Any time after Primary day, change your voter registration back to Republican

Declare your Stand!

Sign here to add your name to the list.

President Trump

President Trump will be the Republican nominee. Let’s send a message to Hillary Clinton: honor those who serve!